What is real travel all about? We like to think it’s all about discovering the unexpected, and what happens when you deviate and open up to more interesting alternatives and authentic experiences. We believe in doing what you love, and doing it often.

We have a passion for pristine wilderness areas, places with integrity, extraordinary people and authentic experiences. We are intrepid and insatiably curious travelers with a love for slow food, good stories, great wine and even better company.

Travel often, getting lost will help you to find yourself.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi there, Lovely blog!

    I have a question regarding your blog admin. I am guessing that you have a wordpress.com blog and purchased the option to have your own domain? I.E. you do not have a self-hosted wordpress.org blog?

    How is this working for you? It is something I have considered in the past, but needed more information about.

    have a lovely day


    • Hi there

      Thanks so much.

      Yes, we have purchased the domain name. The option that we are working with is currently perfect for what we need and it is extremely easy to use.

      By purchasing our domain name we ensured that nobody else is able to make use of this site name.

      SA Travelista


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