Escape to Greens Camp

Rush hour hawkers against windows, oppressive heat brewing afternoon storm clouds, irritable cars pressing up against dysfunctional traffic lights.

It’s time to leave the city.

North east of Pretoria, suburbs give way to cattle, veld and Acacia trees. The car bumps over dirt up into the hills through farm gates and down into a hidden valley noisy with Cicadas and birds, to Greens Camp, in the Leeukloof area of Dinokeng.


Built out of local stone and thatch, the round house blends into its surrounds; open verandas and doors folding back to welcome the bush.


The pool water shocks and soothes away the heat, and lazy loungers with books demand gin and tonics.


As the sun eases onto the horizon, the fire calls and meat smokes over white coals.


Big drops splatter down, a sudden wind shakes the trees, rumbling. Lions roar on neighbouring hills.

Night calls, deep couches beckon.


White linen soft beds and dreamless sleep awaken to early morning light.


As the day emerges, a Gemsbok snorts his bluff, zebra startle away, Grey Loeries and Ground Hornbills clamour for attention.


Bacon and eggs waft over the patio, coffee brews contentment.



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